Welcome to the Pendulum Club,
Hoston's Newest On Premise Club for Curious Couples!

The Pendulum Club is Houston's newest addition to the alternative lifestyle.

Centrally located at 14448 Hempstead Rd., at the opposite end of the strip center from Glamour Girls Gentleman's Club. The Pendulum Club is in a perfect location easy to get to from anywhere in Houston.
We are an on-premises private membership social club catering to exclusive couples and select singles over the age of 21 (single men without a date will not be allowed on Saturdays). We are a non smoking, non-vapor, BYOB club that provides ice, cups and mixers free of charge. However, if you prefer, you may bring your own favorite mixers as well.

As a woman in the lifestyle, it is my goal to create a female-friendly atmosphere that is attractive to the experienced swinger and especially welcoming to the curious or not so experienced couple.

At The Pendulum we throw a nightly party in which we strive to make you feel comfortable, safe and non-pressured. I want you to be able to come in, relax, have a beverage, dance, sit alone with your lover, entertain one another, socialize with others, watch, be watched, or, if you prefer, join other like-minded individuals in intimate private interaction. The level of fun is left entirely up to you, and we girls know that nothing happens unless we say “yes”!

Upon arrival our hostess will greet you and assisted in becoming a member. You will be provided a wrist band which you can then enhance with our exclusive color buttons that will help others identify your interest(s) while at the club. This unique method will signal to others precisely why you are there and will let you know what others are seeking. It is our special way of helping you relax and making your visit more enjoyable.

Large_thumbYou will then step into the main dance floor area where you can head to the bar and pick up your ice and beverage mixers, then grab a seat at a table and enjoy the music. However, if you prefer, you can step right into one of our parlor areas where you can be seated on one of the many couches that surround our separate dance pole where you ladies can let the inner entertainer in you come alive. This space is a great place to satisfy the voyeur and the exhibitionist in you without being judged. As the night rolls on, whenever you are ready, wander into our boudoir area where you can enjoy an adult video in our group room, one of our comfortable play beds, you own private room, visit Mr. Sybian or just watch.

Whatever level of fun you choose, I know you will leave with a smile and a strong desire to come back very soon!

As a side note to our first time visitors feel comfortable in knowing that on most nights over half of our visitors are also first timers. I want you to know that we work hard to make sure the club is fresh, clean and safe for us girls at all times.

See you Soon!


“Thank you for your hospitality last night. My friends and ourselves like your club very much”

Frenchy79 on Swing Life Style


“Wonderful Atmosphere with great music! Great Hostess!! Will return.”

Jessica O. on Yelp


“Both Josie and Pendulum are awesome! ”

atadfreaky on Quiver


“We really both liked the facilities and not smelling like an ashtray when leaving. The host is very attentive and checked in on us several times.”

TxFunCpl14 on Kasidie

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